Resident Testimonial

ResidentsI guess I never thought I could call this place home. Being forced to leave my home of many years filled with fond memories and feelings of safety and security to move into a facility where initially everyone looked like a stranger was overwhelming. Today, I am proud to say, “This is my residence.” When I go home to visit, I return back to Heritage Manor with a smile on my face. Upon entering the front door, I whisper softly to myself, “no more tears” as I am continuously amazed with the care, kindness, and love that is shown to me by my extended family at Heritage Manor.
—Terry, Proud Resident of Heritage Manor

Past Resident

I am presently a resident of Roquette Lodge in Mandeville, LA. A few months ago, I was a temporary resident of Heritage Manor for Skilled Rehabilitation Services with plans of regaining strength with intended goals of returning home to my assisted living community. Upon my arrival at the facility, I was pleasantly surprised by the surroundings. I expected a “nursing home” atmosphere and was instead greeted by friendly staff, clean and well-maintained interior and exterior, and a feeling of “home” away from my own home. I obtained my goals and was able to settle back into my normal lifestyle when discharged due to the efforts of a topnotch, personable, reliable, caring Physical and Occupational Therapy team. It’s comforting to know that a well qualified Nursing and Rehabilitation Center is in the community in the event I should need their services again in the future.
—Doris, Grateful Resident of Roquette Lodge in Mandeville, LA.

Testimonial from a Satisfied Family Member

The improvement in the quality of my mother’s life was immediately evident. At Heritage Manor, she is content with her peers, in a safe place, with a predictable routine. In an accepting, nurturing environment, she is encouraged to exercise the mental tasks that are still available to her. I love to arrive after a hard day at work and find her conversing with other residents. The entire Heritage Manor Team helped give me a sense of confidence that my mother was in good hands.
—Roger, son of Grace, Resident of Heritage Manor

Other Community Providers’ Testimonials

Having been a Registered Nurse involved in healthcare for over 30 years and dealing with many of the nursing homes in both St. Tammany and surrounding parishes, I know first hand that the care delivered at Heritage Manor has earned a reputation of quality and commitment that without a doubt sets them apart from all of the rest.
—Nancy, STPN Mandeville, LA

Pulse Home Health Care feels privileged to provide “at home” care to residents discharged from Heritage Manor Nursing Home. Their discharge process is comprehensive and encompasses an outcome based plan of care. Goals are realistic and easy to measure.
—Charlon, Marketing Director/Community Liaison
Northshore Region, Pulse Home Health Care

The referrals you supplied were all worthy of benefiting from our outpatient services offered at the day program provided by Beacon Behavioral Health. As an intake coordinator on the Northshore of St. Tammany Parish, I noticed referrals sent to us by Heritage Manor are concise, and the staff strives to ensure that all chart documents are organized, accessible, and ready to be copied. Most of the time, the documents have already been copied in a timely manner and are waiting for me by the time I complete my initial assessment. It’s an absolute pleasure networking with professional providers who always have the residents’ best interests at heart.
—Stephanie, Intake Coordinator, Beacon Behavioral Health
St. Tammany Parish

Staff Testimonials

I am proud to be part of the Heritage Manor Team. It is evident on a daily basis that the care and comfort of those residing here are ultimately considered “top priority”—not only to the nursing staff, but all dedicated departments.
—Virginia, Director of Social Services
Heritage Manor

Heritage Manor provides quality care with a team approach. As we say, “There is no ‘I’ found in the word team.” We work together to get the best result in exceptional care.
—Chad, Administrator of Heritage Manor